As announced in my last blog post, I secured a place at Cardiff University to study French and I am now 6 weeks into my first year and the infamous ‘Uni Life’ that everybody seems to equally fantasise about, and fear. This post is somewhat of a non-post in that it’s merely an update and an apology for being so absent recently. I hope this is something that I can change and I am currently considering making Wednesday afternoons into blogging time in order to post at least weekly.

So, as for university, we’re in week 7 and I’ve just returned from 9 wonderful days at home for reading week. All the essay questions have been released for the January deadlines and language assessments are coming in thick and fast. I feel I should explain what it is that I am studying here exactly, as even my friends from back home tend to get quite confused on the matter. I am studying for a French BA, however the French modules available to first years only add up to 40 credits and 120 are needed, so most single honours BA first years are required to take extra modules in other humanities subjects. I have chosen to take beginners German and Translation Studies modules and am therefore studying the following 6 modules across these 3 subjects: Contemporary French Language, Modern France, Beginners German Language, German History & Culture, Translation Methods, and Translation Theory. I realise this is slightly confusing, judging only my the reaction of some of my friends, but I hope I’ve cleared it up somewhat here!

Personally, I think that the additional subject modules are great and I love how varied my course has turned out to be, because of them, this year. I think that they work particularly well for those who, like me, have started university with very little idea about what they intend to use their eventual degree for. Having chosen a degree purely based on interest and my ability at school, I feel that the Translation modules in particular have really opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a translator. More specifically, I have been giving the idea of translating novels, articles or other written works into English much thought as a direct result of the last 6 weeks. Fortunately, I have 3 and half years until my graduation in the summer of 2019 so, even if I sway from this idea at all, I have plenty of time to decide.

Thank you for taking the time to read this somewhat chatty update and I hope that you can now look forward to more frequent, and potentially varied, posts.


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