Just a quick disclaimer before I begin; the plan was to eat as authentically Greek as possible and we did in fact stick to this plan as much as the limited selection of photos may beg to differ. However, unfortunately some of the local delicacies are not the most photogenic of dishes, despite being delicious and therefore will not be making an appearance.

IMG_4944A Greek coffee and Greek yogurt with honey and walnut topping at Fresko after the first trip to the Acropolis Museum.


One pork and one vegetarian souvlaki from the highly recommended Kalyvas ( lived up to its recommendations.


It would be impossible to talk about the food we ate in Athens without mentioning the unbelievable price. For under €30 we had three courses and wine/beer on two occasions. By sticking to our Air B&B host’s recommendations we economically ate like royalty for the entirety of our trip, constantly considering what the price may have been on a city break in other European capital cities.

IMG_5314One of many delights purchased from the ‘local’ bakery, a spinach and feta pastry.


IMG_5152Accidentally oversized snack-stop at Fish Café

The following links are to the recommended eateries we were particularly impressed by:

The service here was second to none, the waitress’ English was flawless and she took time to speak to us at great length. We ordered bread and tzatsiki, two traditional hot Greek mains, four crispy chocolate wafery things filled with chocolate creme and a bottle of white wine and the bill came to less than €30! The food was undoubtedly really yummy, but it was blown out of the water by the last meal of our trip.

Again, the service here was superb and the waitress was super lovely! This time however, the food was just sublime. The dishes came out individually making them perfect for sharing and we were even given a starter (‘Greek Ratatouille’) and a little pudding (Greek yogurt and honey) that we hadn’t ordered, on the house! What we did order was bread, octopus and pickled veg, battered zucchini balls and tzatsiki, sausages and mustard (for Tom), sardines (for me), a litre of beer and a lemonade – a real feast, again for under €30.

IMG_5475Delicious homemade (not by me) Greek salad and tzatziki … and some chocolate milk.

The link to the Air B&B apartment which was also really great:


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