Here it is, the ultimate post in the trilogy recounting my recent trip to Athens. I thought of no better way to build the anticipation than to leave the historical sites of ancient Athens until last. After all they are all quite something, in both feat and appearance.



The Parthenon is quite simply the most amazing thing I have ever seen and I can only hope that these photographs of mine do it some justice. The sheer size of it was unbelievable and to see such a thing in real life was completely mind-blowing. I haven’t seen a photo yet that captures its enormity, but these are the best I’ve got.




As intended, the Acropolis stands, still today, above Athens and reigns over the city. This results in fabulous views from each and every one of the central ancient sites as well as from the Acropolis Museum. I love how much of a focus the Acropolis is, and just how majestic it looks in the following shot. The moody tone of the composition only enhances all of that and it’s definitely one of my favourite shots of the trip.


IMG_5342View of the Acropolis from the Ancient Greek Agora.

I really enjoyed wondering around the Agora as it brings everything back down to Earth. Yes, the temples and the artefacts and grandeur of all of that is incredible but for me there was something really human about the Agora. As a central meeting point, market and square full of taverns etc. the Agora was the centre of the city’s life and it therefore offered a sense of the everyday that I found really interesting.

IMG_5347 This is the Temple of Hephaestus which is incredibly well preserved and well worth a visit.

I’ve reached the end of the ‘Athens Trilogy’ now and all there is left to say is what a fantastic time I had on this trip and that I would most definitely return. Athens offers all you could ask for in a city break in my opinion and I have tried my best to capture what I find the most important aspects, in these three posts. The food was delicious and astonishingly cheap, the museums were modern and well designed and the ancient sites really were the most incredible things I have ever laid eyes on.

Thank you for sticking around until the end and reading about my holiday – hopefully there are many more adventures to come!



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