With this post today, I’m bringing something a little different to the table. I started this blog with a post about the book that got me interested in starting to read again, Lolita. Although I am still working my way through my ‘TO READ’ list and will continue to post about reading from time to time, what I want for this blog is that it represents me and everything that I enjoy doing. The reason for that is not only for it to be varied and somewhat (I hope!) entertaining but also so that I can look back on it in years to come and remember what I was up to and into at certain points in my life.

As some of you may know, I’ve always been a pretty creative person. This is something that has been present throughout generations of my family in different ways, whether that be gardening, knitting, embroidery, painting or music. Since dropping Art at AS Level though, I haven’t felt all that inspired until I was in need of a little extra money before the start of university. Although it hasn’t yet been a roaring success, my Etsy shop has provided a little pocket money at times and I’m really hoping it picks up one day! So without further ado, I am sharing some of our items with you.


Let’s start with what I deem to be the most impressive item in the Tas De Trucs Etsy shop, my nan’s addition. This is an acrylic jumper in a funky rainbow double knit. I think it’s just beautiful and that Nanny Dwi is v. talented. Special thanks must also go to my model.

Moving onto this trio of 6 inch cross stitches by my super talented mum. I love these and think they’re so, so cute and colourful. They would be the perfect addition to a nursery or playroom. Below are another two of mum’s creations. These two are a little smaller at 4 inches, ever so intricate and embellished with tiny beads.

As for the scrapbooks, these are my own additions to the shop and I am pleased to say that I have managed to sell a pretty and pink baby girl scrapbook, an engagement journal and a wedding guest/scrapbook which are no longer available. The following baby boy books are however still in stock. I think scrapbooks make such a lovely gift, whether you fill it yourself before gifting, or leave it for the new parents to fill themselves. I love how these two look together and could be perfect for twins too.

And finally, the two newest items are the scrapbooks below just in time for Valentine’s Day! I think these two are really versatile and could be suitable as an anniversary, engagement, wedding or Valentine’s Day gift. Again, they would be great filled with photographs of the happy couple, of you and your partner or left empty for whomever you’re gifting to, to fill with memories themselves. I’ve also had a bit more fun with the staging and editing of these two newbies and really like how the photos turned out and make the books look. All of the scrapbooks have 40 plain pages ready for crafting, creating and documenting your special moments.


Last but certainly not least, here is the link to all of these goodies:


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