Having just arrived home from a wonderful fortnight in Normandy, I thought it about time I return to the blog having not posted since before my first set of university exams. So, before getting into talk about my travels, I should say that all went well. I finished my first year studying French at Cardiff University with 69%,  one frustrating percent from a 1st but delighted nevertheless.

After months of lazing around at university and taking my first year pretty easy, I was so ready for a break having done some real work again for a few weeks. Normandy was the absolute ticket and oh so relaxing.

Having been kindly invited along by Tom’s dad, we had been so looking forward to this trip for weeks! After my new passport finally arrived, we decided that I would drive to Portsmouth, we would catch the ferry to Cherbourg, (I would be brave) and drive to the château on the other side.


The bulk of the holiday was spent in the beautiful château above, situated in the village of Fontenay-sur-mer, Normandy which lent itself to relaxation galore.


Our absolutely gorgeous room was ever so grand with its alcove enclosed bed and chandelier.


On the several days that weren’t entirely spent swimming, snoozing and sunbathing, we visited local villages and more notably the nearby World War II batteries (namely Batterie de Crisbecq & Batterie d’Azeville) and Utah Beach. These visits were extremely poignant and really help to add depth and a sense of context to the Normandy scenery.

IMG_2634.JPGUtah Beach

Although the holiday was absolutely amazing, Tom did unfortunately miss his graduation ceremony. Thankfully, and due to all of his hard work & brains, he graduated with a first class BA (hons) in Ancient History so we were able to use the holiday as a huge and well deserved celebration!

IMG_5878.JPGThe staged graduation shot


After almost two years, we finally got a decent photograph together too.


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