30 BEFORE 30

30 BEFORE 30

Right now, 30 seems way off but still fairly daunting now that I’m a whole 3 months into my 20s as of tomorrow (20 didn’t quite count, did it?). Following on from the post I wrote back in November about turning 21 (TWENTY-ONE) and my lack of excitement surrounding this so-called rite of passage, I decided to make a sort of to-do list. Something that lays somewhere between New Year’s Resolutions and fully fledged bucket list territory. I apologise for any clichés from the offset. I think it’s impossible to do anything of this ilk, to even discuss “goals”, whilst remaining free from cliché. Surprisingly, it didn’t take me all that long to collate. Once you start thinking of things to which you aspire, it’s easy to get carried away. I hope I’ve managed to keep the balance between dream and attainability and I’ll catch you in 9 (years) to see how I’ve done.

  1. Graduate with at least a 2:1. Hopefully this one is achievable in the not too distant future.
  2. Visit Asia or South America (2 in 1 because I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to do both!)
  3. Have a dog – I’d absolutely love to have Dalmatian, or 101.
  4. Go to Glastonbury.
  5. Start a career.
  6. Apply for a really crazy job opp.
  7. Visit New Zealand – Australia’s never really done it for me but I’ve always had wanderlust for NZ.
  8. Go to more gigs / concerts – they’re always the best nights ever (especially this Paramore one: Instagram)
  9. Do a proper gal’s holiday to somewhere super stereotypical like Ibiza.
  10. Be fluent in French – should be much closer to this one than I am en ce moment.
  11. Be able to run my car by myself because I love her and don’t want to have to get rid!
  12. Maybe have this blog be successful.
  13. Get another tattoo, or two. I’ve just the one at the moment (see: InstagramInstagram)
  14. To have at least started a masters degree.
  15. Road trip across a whole country. A small one, like the UK or Italy.
  16. Work for a charity, fundraise or volunteer.
  17. Host a dinner party – plenty of courses, wine an’ all.
  18. Solo travel.
  19. Scandinavia trip. I’ve been to Denmark as a child and Stockholm more recently, but would love to make another visit.
  20. Buy something expensive.
  21. Move out properly.
  22. Decorate / furnish an entire flat just how I want it.
  23. Read Les Miserables (in English lol) as it’s been sitting on a shelf for years.
  24. Treat my parents to something.
  25. See a friend get married.
  26. Host family Christmas – with a real tree, loads of decorations and all the (veggie) trimmings.
  27. Be healthy, maybe healthier.
  28. Take lots of photos in my 20s or even scrapbook more things.
  29. See a Broadway show – I suppose this involves a trip to NYC too.
  30. Be vegan. Right now I flutter between being vegetarian during term time and pescatarian when I’m home  and have done so for almost 3 years now.

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