Last week marked the visit of my first guest here in Lyon, my dad. My mum will be the second, a week today and Roz, my third on 18th May! Although I love the idea of exploring new places and even old ones by myself, a lot of the time I do wish I had somebody with me. I think that you see places completely differently depending on your company. For example, my dad is a walker. So, although I have now been in Lyon for 2 whole months, by walking different routes last week I gained a totally new perspective and mental mapping out of the city. We also took one of those sight-seeing city buses on the rainiest day of his visit which again allowed me to see Lyon much differently than before. You miss so much by being lazy and taking the metro everywhere. I’ve been trying harder recently to look up and around rather than down at the ground or my Apple Maps – though it can prove a little tricky when you know how much dog poo is around. For me, having somebody visiting also forces me out of my room in which I feel so comfortable. That’s a good thing too because I always have a good day once I’m out and about.

17 / 3 / 2018 GENEVA

On Saturday, we visited Geneva. We took the Flixbus from Lyon Perrache station, it only took a couple of hours. The weather wasn’t great and unfortunately visibility was low . It was bitterly cold but we had come wrapped up and prepared. We took a little walk along the lake to see the famous Jet d’Eau and then headed to the town centre, past the windows of very expensive shops and through some of the old streets. We tried out some Swiss Easter chocolate and took a ride on the little solar-powered electric train along some of the lake, before heading lakeside in the other direction towards a very photogenic lighthouse and another great view of the Jet d’Eau before dinner.


Sunday was my dad’s last day in Lyon and we had already planned to visit Vieux Lyon and climb up to the Notre-Dame de Fourvière. Again, the weather didn’t treat us too well but it didn’t rain so that’s a plus and the views were vast and pretty spectacular regardless (I look forward to another hike up there with you Mum, we all know how much you love a church on holiday). The old town of Lyon is really beautiful, with all of its wonky buildings and ochre palette. It’s so typically a European old town and almost feels like a movie set. A living, breathing (if kinda tourist-y) step back in time which is always one of my favourite parts of cities and holidays. We grabbed lunch from a beautiful little bakery right in the heart of Vieux Lyon, in the form of two sandwiches and a HUGE pastry. I had no idea what the pastry was when I added it to the order but it was bloody delicious. I’ve since researched and it was an allumette (a lyonnais speciality apparently, as seen below) made from pink pralines – how exotic! We finished the day with an episode of the Crown and an Indian takeaway (#BritsAbroad).


P.S. To my dad, thank you so much (again, again!) for visiting me, for the day trip to Geneva and for all of the (mainly edible) treats.


2 thoughts on “LYON & GENEVA w/ DAD

  1. Hi Tash, thought I’d check my email today and what a lovely surprise o receive your ne blog and so sat in bed with a cup of tea the curtain open and a smattering of snow outside I read it too Grandad. We thoroughly enjoyed it you really do write extremely well unlike me that’s why I just leave out most punctuation and leave the interpretation to the reader.

    Seeing the photo of your swan reminded me of yesterday, on out way we drove past hundreds and I mean hundreds of swans some flying and many which were on the sea it was a wonderful but we were unable to stop but I managed to this picture which really doesn’t reflect the reality through Grandad’s window,

    Well is 8:30, time to get up, breakfast, pack and be on our way, today we drive towards Geysir like I said a little snow but its brightening up and at least its dry. lots of love nanny Dwi and Grandad Ivan xx

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    1. If you’re ever in the Lyons area again, you might want to look up, in the nearby town of Haute Rive, several flamboyant castles made mostly out of cement, studded with pieces of colored glass, built by a retired French letter carrier who just wanted to :leave something of himself behind as his legacy to France and all humanity. He sank his life savings into purchasing the cement. I’m just sitting here right now in the computer room of the retirement home where I have lived for almost 7 years, without any information but my own 50-year-old memories. But if you’re interested in knowing more, I’m sure they ought to be able to fill you in at the local Syndicat d’Initiative tourist offices. Bonne chance! David Bittner, New Cassel Retirement Center, 900 N. 90th St. Apt. 121, Omaha, NE 68114.


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