Hourra! c’est le weekend!

I think that if any Cardiff University student is doing uni right, even if they don’t want to admit it and somewhat without their noticing, they themselves have become a connoisseur of a night out Cardiff-style. However, the same cannot be said for my partying habits in France thus far. I have been “out out” a grand total of twice. So, perhaps I am under qualified, even completely unqualified to type about the differences of a Cardiff student night out vs. a Paris student night out, but here goes regardless. These are five things I did note.

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Having wanted to lunch at ‘Madame Fromage’ since starting university in Cardiff back in September, I finally got round to going last week and I have to say it did not disappoint. Located in one of the pretty Cardiff arcades, it makes for the perfect lunching spot.

Upon arrival, we were told that there would be up to a half hour wait for food which we didn’t mind and proceeded to take a table for two (the food only actually took 15-20 minutes to arrive). We were super hungry as we had been saving ourselves for a big late lunch, so we ordered the large cheeseboard and a Welsh Rarebit to share, as seen below.




The large cheeseboard shown above consisted of more than 10 cheeses to sample, walnuts, gherkins, apple slices, some pickle, a large mixed salad and was served with a selection of bread, and butter (the board was much bigger than it looks in these photos and we had to do some rearranging to fit it onto the table). It also comes in a mini version, more suitable for one. The selection of cheeses was delightful and I have to say there wasn’t one that did not please. As for the Welsh Rarebit, this was just as delicious and we could have definitely managed another slice, I’m sure.

IMG_0848The Specials Board (12/2/16)

We were so impressed by all of the yummy cheesy goodies on offer, that we are already planning the next lunch at ‘Madame Fromage’.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 16.26.41.png

FEATURED IMAGE TAKEN FROM (Because mine looked rubbish)

Unfortunately, all of the photos for this post were taken on my iPhone 5 rather than my DSLR so I must apologise for the photo quality this time and promise to take my camera with me more often!